Guest Book

Dear Nyumpene, Thank you for the opportunity to meet Nyumpene. It is wonderful! You've outdone yourself again. The design, the garden, the architecture - everything is perfect!
Antje & Arne
Just 3 minutes from the hectic Jalan Legian, this beautiful, lovingly decorated home is truly an oasis of peace and relaxation. The nice care by the two good spirits of the house has contributed much to our well-being.
Ingeborg, Heidemarie, Heide and Oskar from Austria
Dear Nyumpene Team! We were able to spend unforgettable great holidays here in this wonderful idyllic oasis of Legian. The warm and attentive kind of Ketut and just made it even more special. A big thank you to the two good spirits of this house. Terima kasih sampai jumpa lagi. Kita akan datang ke sini lagi.
Melanie, Lara, Chantal
Thank you, you have come here for our first ... .. with Bali. A big thank you for Ketut and Just for their hospitality and smiles, Veronique. Thank you for the warm welcome and great service here.
So enjoyable from the first minute of our arrival in this beautiful oasis of calm. Many thanks for organizing our trips with the nice driver. We appreciated everything what you've done for us.
Bernhard, Karin, Hannah and Luca
I have had wonderful weeks here. We had a few parties with friends, relaxed on the lounges, explored the outside world, ate at some of the most spectacular Bali restaurants. The staff are fabulous . We felt very cared for, having breakfast ready for us each morning is such a wonderful start to the day. We look forward to seeing you again, cheers.
Lies and Matt from Australia
Thank you for the wonderful stay at Villa Nyumpene. The 14 days we could really recover and recharge our batteries. Many thanks to the two super-sweet women who have delighted us with fresh drinks, fruit & omelet and cordiality and spoiled. Our little 1-year-old daughter Helena felt really at home here and certainly remembered the entertainment and the warm care of the two ladies (albeit only in the subconscious). Thanks again Thank you for the wonderful days here. All the best for the future and many great and thankful guests,
Vivien, Martin and Helena
Thank you again for a wonderful stay, this is our third time at nyumpene., the location is fantastic. The start is always attentive and friendly. We are lucky to be able to visit a stay with the beautiful Balinese people.
Shery, Linda, Patrick, Harley from Australia
Thank you so much for such caring and attentive hosting. We felt treated very kindly, had great food and enjoyed the spirit of this place and all the people around it.
Tom & Toto
Dear hosts,We really enjoyed our "Chinese New Year Holidays" here and are thinking about coming back next year. In this cozy oasis you can leave everyday life behind. We thank all the "good souls" around us for the wonderful days!
Juliane, Niklas, Elias, Felicitas, Dirk, Denis from Hong Kong
Full of curiosity and expectations, we climbed into the plane. Full of wanderlust we arrived back in Vienna after the Nyumpene weeks. We could have endured it for some time. We were fascinated by the beauty of the country. It was a wonderful stay in the villa. We saw a lot and relaxed a lot. The team around Ketut is truly unique. And our top driver had explained our life with gods and demons on Bali very well during our excursions. We would like to thank you again for the indescribable friendliness and care on this way. No matter what wish we had, he was already fulfilled.Greetings to all from Vienna
Cerny Karin & Günter
After 18 hours arrival the optimal start to the holiday. We enjoyed the paradise, the tranquility and care by the two lovely young women, and unfortunately continue to 1 week on another island. Would have liked to stay here longer. Before the flight one last time enjoyed the sunset by the sea and last but not least a cocktail in the pool.
Annette, Dieter, Tom and Laura
Thank you for this holiday start. Here it is indeed like in paradise. We look forward to what is to come, but hopefully we can enjoy it as in this magical place with you. Thank you! Greetings from Berlin
Ulli und Jaqueline
We had 2 wonderful weeks here, and felt very well - it is an island on the island! The rides with the driver Wayan were all great and worthwhile.Thank you very much for the courteous care,
Dorothea, Gerhard und Elena
Dear Ketut, Mia and Gusti. Sawasdee krub! I want to thank you so much for a great stay at Nyumpene. We had a very good stay and the villa is beautiful and so quiet. Just 3 minutes walk to busy Jalan Legian but so peacefull at the villa. My children loved the pool and garden and so easy for food and shopping. We will come again next year. Kob khun Krub! Terima Kasi.
Khlang Srichan, Thailand.