• At Nyumpené we try everyday to make a little difference to the immediate as well as
    the local environment.
  • We only use energy-saving LED lighting, and even some solar powered lanterns for the
  • Rechargable batteries are used for the candles and other small electrical items.
  • All of our water is drawn from our own well – 40m below ground! It’s cold, fresh and has
    zero hint of chlorine or other chemicals in use today.
  • Our laundry bags are made of canvas – not plastic.
  • We have our own waste-disposal system which treats waste before it’s released into the
    government drainage
  • We are growing our herbs and spices which you are free to help yourself to – we hope
    you like chillies! It’s a constant work in progress though and we welcome green fingered
    guests to potter around if you enjoy that!
  • We have also started to build our own compost bin for the garden cuttings and waste
    from the kitchens. Please do contribute to this effort – it’s a nice thought that every
    guest through Nyumpené has made a contribution to the ecology of our gardens.
  • And we listen. We would love to hear ideas from you as to how you think we could
    make Nyumpené even greener.